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jeter28 | Tarot
183 votes
$4.99 a minute, with over 10,000 readings! I am an intuitive who just knows. I see things very clearly and receive visions from spirit. I also am shown events, via my dreams, which later, have come to fruition. I work within the hands of God and do believe he provides my spiritual foundation. I live by the rule that living a peaceful and happy life, filled with love, brings you happiness.
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  •   cazk0303 Il ya 34 minutes

    Thank you so much for your much appreciated guidance Jeter...You truly are a gifted soul and spirit. Many blessings to you...

  •   lizwhitehouse Il y a 1 jour.

    Thank you for your insight into my love life look forward to my prediction. and will live life to fullest.

  •   BlueDoll69 Il y a 1 jour.

    She is a sweetheart and always has my back , in the good , bad and ugly. No sugar coating , just genuine care and accuracy beyond belief . I am grateful to have jeet in my life . She is the only one I trust and whom EVERY prediction came to pass.

  •   ginla23 Il y a 2 jours.

    I just had a follow up read with Jeter and she was straight forward. I just need to let things be and start to do things out of my comfort zone. That would help me out a lot. Thanks again Jeter. :)

  •   suny2020 Il y a 3 jours.

    right on with her insights

  •   janicecat85 Il y a 3 jours.

    Another excellent reading!

  •   lizwhitehouse Il y a 8 jours.

    thank you for your insight and recommendation.

  •   tickleme811 Il y a 9 jours.

    Predicted my new job, mucho garcias!

  •   starfish57 Il y a 17 jours.

    Thank you so much for the info during the reading. I will be thrilled with all the things to happen. Thank you!
    Many blessings!!

  •   Contiestate Il y a 18 jours.

    Thank you great advice, accurate and very helpful!

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